The WiSC Cyber Team aims to drive innovation in Computer Network Operations.

By delivering cyber resources, expertise, tools, intelligence, and training throughout the developmental and operational environment, WiSC can substantially reduce your risk of the cyber threat.

Cyber Security Overview

WiSC's Cyber Security mission is to create disruptive technologies based on out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving. WiSC is a one stop Cyber-shop to meet our customer needs. Our diverse team strengthens the resilience and integrity of platforms, systems, and products. This is accomplished by establishing a relationship of trust and the delivery of tangible useful products to its customers to assist in the meeting of those goals. Our team brings years of domain knowledge and experience to the table.

Some of our capabilities include the following:

  • Computer Network Operations (CNO), includes Attack, Defense and Exploitation
  • Vulnerability Research (VR) and Assessment (VA)
  • Reverse Engineering (RE)
  • Maturity Modeling Analysis and Implementation of Policies
  • Procedures and Controls (PPCs)
  • Compliance Support and Preparation (HIPAA, PCI, FERC/NERC)
  • Executive Security, Threat and Forensics
  • Legal Hold Protection Analysis and E-Discovery
  • Gap Analysis 
  • Strategic Road Mapping
  • Security Code Review
  • Program Management
  • Systems and System of Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Network Engineering 
  • Cyber Assessments
  • Cyber Awareness and Training