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WiSC is customer focused and we exist because of our customers.  WiSC is dedicated to our position as an engineering and technical service provider of choice with our customers.

WiSC provides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) with experienced and dedicated experts prepared to meet the demands for multi-intelligence-disciplined analysts, technicians, and IT professionals to support our nation's most critical ISR mission's requirements.

WiSC Contract Vehicles

Posted January 21, 2019

Emerald - Prime Contractor

This effort redefines the RDAS program approach and encompasses a similar, but not identical, scope. Furthermore, it reorganizes the approach for satisfying the government's support needs for Lifecycle Acquisition Support activities, Financial Management Support activities, and Strategic Business Management Support activities.

Emerald - Task Orders
  • Task Order 10 Director’s Key Component work
  • Task Order 13 Software Asset Management Solutions Office
  • Task Order 14 Human Development Office
  • Task Order 16 Analytical Services Division (TIAT) Support
  • Task Order 21 GEOINT & IT Standards Division (TCAG)
  • Task Order 41 Architecture and Engineering Group (TA)

ESITE - DIA JV Prime Contractor

The RIITE Joint Venture composed of WiSC, Avid Technologies, and S2 Analytic Solutions supports DIA’s E-SITE contract vehicle. E-SITE establishes the acquisition framework for delivering the full scope of information technology services and capabilities to support the DIA, the Combatant Commands (CCMD), the Military Services intelligence needs, and partner agency worldwide missions across the Intelligence Community (IC).

ABIDES - USAF SubContractor

Provide hands-on ABIDES training course that encompasses developing, maintaining, and enhancing a training course for programmers/budgeters to use the ABIDES IT system.