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WiSC Company Overview

WiSC management operates with a clear vision to enable worldwide interoperability of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance data.
We believe we have assembled the best team possible to meet these objectives.

WiSC personnel are recognized ISR Interoperability, lifecycle acquisition, financial management, and strategic business experts, with significant Experience (25+ years avg.), Knowledge (71% with advanced degrees) and Advanced Skill sets.

WiSC employees are good neighbors. Each employee, in their respective communities, contributes to the betterment of their neighbors whether it be in the schools, places of worship, or main street.

WiSC works with numerous partners to help achive the goals for our customers. In fact, WiSC owes much of its business success to our partners large and small. Connect with us and see if your company could be become a WiSC Partner!