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WiSC is customer focused and employee centric. We exist because of our customers. We succeed because of our employees. We are dedicated to our position as an engineering, technical  and financial service provider of choice with our customers and a teammate of choice with our business partners. That means being surrounded by bright, interesting people working together on new and exciting projects.

WiSC is committed to an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. WiSC provides equal employment and advancement opportunities for all employees regardless of a person's race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, military status, gender or any other protected category.


Develop a virtual large company capacity with small company costs and scalable, flexible, responsive surge capability to meet customer needs by ensuring an effective internal infrastructure, building relationships with both large and small companies, and establishing a significant virtual bench of signed contingent hire personnel, and above all, employing highly capable staff.


Integrity is an essential component of WiSC values. It is how we conduct ourselves and how we do business. While some businesses prize results over ethics, we value both equally. WiSC believes that how you do something is as important as what you do.


The WiSC work environment is one of both independence and team; with excellence, exceeding customer needs and expectations is the norm. We offer employees flexible work arrangements to include compressed workweeks and daily flexibility, consistent with customer requirements. Our managers are supportive of both individual needs and personal and professional growth.

Employment Candidates

Security Clearances

While not all the jobs we offer require clearance, a fair number of them do. Our work as a global company includes shaping and providing systems, technologies and solutions to the DoD, the Department of Homeland Security, the Intelligence community and other sensitive clients and sectors.

The benefits of having a security clearance whether you have an active clearance, or a lapsed clearance is important. You will have the option to work on a greater number and variety of technical programs and projects. Job opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach due to their sensitive and critical nature will become available.

Graduate Opportunities

New graduates and interns provide some of the freshest, most innovative ideas. We encourage and support your creativity and inventiveness.

Young Professionals

Match Your Military Skills to Our Open Positions

Explore WiSC career opportunities that reflect your service experience and civilian skills. Much of our work relates to the military, but the skills earned during service can benefit all of the work we do here.

Experienced Professionals

Our work as an IC company includes shaping and providing systems, technologies and solutions to the DoD, the NGA, NRA, and others in the Intelligence community. This is why our workforce includes professionals who are cleared.